Austin Texas Is Revealed In Photos For HBO’s The Last Of Us

The first pictures from a set of HBO’s adaptation of The Last Of Us have been revealed. Courtesy of Twitter user @necromonica1, a series of photos were taken in Fort Macleod in Canada, standing in for Austin, Texas. If we take a look at the photos in more detail, we can see a wave of emergency vehicles embellished with Austin police logos, street graffiti, and a restaurant beneath an American flag. 

@necromonica1 posted another clip walking down a high street in Fort Macleod reimagined as Austin, Texas, including an Austin police cruiser, a pickup truck, more American flags, and the entrance to a cinema. 

@necromonica1 further confirms in a series of other tweets that Nico Parker, (who was recently cast as Sarah), had appeared on set, while adding in a separate tweet that they, referring to a member of the production team, had just “yelled rolling”. Minutes later, @necromonica1 tweeted again that a “brown truck” had driven “through an intersection”. 

Another tweet by @necromonica1 which showed photos of the set, there appeared to be a movie poster for Curtis And Viper 2, which is a fictional movie referenced in The Last Of Us.

As we know, the opening sequence of Naughty Dog’s iconic game involves Joel, Sarah, and Joel’s brother Tommy driving through Austin in Tommy’s pickup truck, which could be what the Twitter post refers to. 

The production of Naughty Dog’s acclaimed post-pandemic title is expected to wrap as late as June 8, 2022. As a result, this could likely push the release date back as far as 2023. However, according to pilot director Kantemir Balagov’s Instagram bio, The Last Of Us could premiere sometime in 2022.

HBO further cast three new additions to The Last Of Us, filling the roles of both Bill and Frank. As for the third edition, Jeffrey Pierce provided his voice for the role of Tommy in the game, but will not be returning as the same character for the series, but instead an original character called Perry. 

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