Batman Arkham Knight getting a season pass

Season passes are quite a stable of modern games these days, for a cheaper price the games get all their downloadable content that is to come, it is a good option for those who know they want to spend more time with the game offering the content at a reasonable price that is cheaper then buying the content individually. When Batman Arkham Origins came out in 2013 the game received a season pass and given the history because of this we pretty much accepted that Batman Arkham Knight would have a season pass which Rocksteady has announced.

Rocksteady has revealed their post launch plans with their downloadable content for the season pass:

The Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass will set you back $39.99 across all three platforms, and promises six months of additional content following the June release of the main game. No specific content was announced, but Warner Bros. promises new story missions, character skins, Batmobile skins, race tracks, challenge maps, and new super-villains. Alternatively, Warner Bros. is offering the Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition, which comes with the Season Pass. This edition of the game costs $99.99 on PS4 and Xbox One, and $79.99 on PC.

Their is sure to be plenty of things to come out of this season pass that should make it worthwhile such as I imagine with plenty of great campaign content to enjoy. However unlike most other season passes this does seem slightly more pricey, hopefully the content will match the price of admission.

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