Batman: The Telltale Series release date revealed, sort of

At E3 we finally got to see Telltale’s take on The Dark Knight after such a long wait, and truthfully this looks to be interesting and like it could be a greater study of the character and his motivations than we have ever seen before. Also at E3, Telltale revealed that the game would be arriving sometime soon, and to follow up on this an official release date has been revealed, well, sort of.

Currently they have made it known that the digital version of the game will be arriving sometime this August with no concrete details provided, however much like with Minecraft: Story Mode they will be releasing a physical edition that will be updated with new episodes as they come. The physical edition will be arriving on September 13th, unless you are in Europe in which case it will arrive on September 16th.

Telltale’s Batman series will run like many of Telltale’s previous works with a debut episode arriving this August, then the other four episodes will follow along at random, all episodes will be available to both digital and physical players.

In further Telltale news, Telltale has also revealed that season three of The Walking Dead will be premiering “later this fall.”


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