The Earth has been invaded by aliens and it up to you to stop them, or at least that is the premise of the upcoming game battle for the sun. You would be forgiven for not knowing what Battle for the Sun is but in case you are not aware it is a first person shooter game that is all about aliens invading earth and it is up to you to stop them.

If that sounds like something you have played before then you possibly have, but that does not matter, as you can look forward to playing this in the near future with Battle for the Sun having been Greenlit in only 20 days for a Steam release.

In response to the quick push to Greenlit this game the developers had this to say:

We’d like to thank everyone for their support in our journey. Please keep your feedbacks coming, we are constantly working to improve our game, we listen to all of your suggestions and take each one of them seriously.

It is clear Battle for the Sun has achieved quite the following and so this will be coming soon to a computer near you are you ready to stop the alien invasion.


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