Battlefield 6 Images Leaked Ahead of EA Reveal

Images showing off Battlefield 6 have allegedly been leaked ahead of an anticipated EA reveal in the coming weeks. The two pictures (linked and with AI upscaling, via VGC) have since been corroborated as genuine by Tom Henderson, who has put out numerous reports on the next Battlefield title in the past few months. Henderson himself has had some of his reports corroborated by journalists, making his verdict on the authenticity of the images significant.

According to Henderson, the “images that have been leaked…are real.” The images also happen to match sketches that Henderson publicised in April that would supposedly feature in an upcoming trailer for the game. With this amount of evidence, and an announcement seemingly imminent after DICE told fans to expect news in an update last month, it seems like this leak may indeed be the real deal.

Battlefield 6 will be the first entry in the Battlefield series for 3 years, now known as Battlefield 2042, with the last game being 2018’s Battlefield 5. The game is set to release in 2021, with no specific release date known yet – although this may be part of any new trailer or announcement. With the biggest team ever for a Battlefield game working on development, the game will utilise the “power of next-gen consoles and PCs” (according to DICE manager Oskar Gabrielson) to bring about another impressive entry in the series. The consoles on which the game will release is currently unknown.

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