Bayonetta 2 now available on the Wii U eShop and in stores for $30

The Wii U has many great games available on the system, however a notable amount of these gravitate towards more family entertainment but there is a small selection of adult oriented games and what game is bigger then Bayonetta 2. This is one game that really is not for children and acts one of the systems biggest releases especially now she is Smash Brothers. So those wanting to get hold of the game having missed it before can actually get it for a decent price, if you want a physical copy of the game Bayonetta 2 is available in stores for $30. Should you prefer a digital copy Nintendo has also dropped the games price on the Nintendo eShop to the same $30 meaning no matter what you are getting a potentially quality game for a good price, so if you are an adult Wii U owner you should head out and get a copy and know you are not spending an arm and a leg.

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