Best Buy provides a February 13 launch date for Majora’s Mask’s 3D’s guide book

Could the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask really be releasing in February, Gamestop has previously suggested that we could be seeing Majora’s Mask launch in February to coincide with a potential launch date of the New Nintendo 3DS. Now it appears Best Buy is teasing something similar with a possible release date for Majora’s Mask’s Prima guide book. Best Buy has provided a release date of the 13th of February for the guide book, the same day that Gamestop has rumoured will be the launch of the game.

It is still possible this is just a release date suggested by Gamestop that Best Buy is playing on, however the release date does seem to work and is potentially further proving the release date to be true. I guess we will find out during today’s Nintendo Direct if this release date is true, besides we are mere hours away from the presentation at the time of writing.

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