Bethesda details the purposes of Fallout 4’s dog

One of the biggest and most memorable details about Fallout 4’s reveal trailer was the dog that was shown, a detail that Bethesda has said more about as part of their presentation. Bethesda has officially revealed the dog for Fallout 4 stating that during the game you find the dog alone near vault 111 and you are quick to become friends with the lovable creature for some canine companionship.

During the game you will be able to send your dog to fetch specific items by highlighting and clicking on aspects of the environment, such as will be good for collecting items that might be out of reach. However fetching is not the dogs only purpose as he is also good for attacking vicious mole rats which he will quickly dispose of. Best still the dog will obey every command whether you wish for it to scout, fetch or attack. Every game is better with a dog but lets just hope this does not end as badly for this dog as I am Legend.

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