The player character can definitely talk in Fallout 4

After many games it has finally been confirmed we can talk in a Fallout game, during the trailer released a few weeks ago for Fallout 4 a particular moment intrigued the gaming public this being the moment the main character spoke. Much was said about this but when it came down to it players didn’t know if this really confirmed anything, and whether we could truly speak in this game was a source of many heated debates, gladly this has been confirmed during Bethessda’s E3 conference.

During a gameplay demonstration we were treated to a wide variety of dialogue options within the game. As part of this players can just walk away from a conversation at any moment, can respond with a wide variety of options from a dialogue tree, and of course can even resort to violence in conversations.  All of these conversation options are fully voiced by both the male and female player character, which should definitely evolve the game and add a whole new dynamic to the franchise and the silent protagonist approach that has been used in the past games.

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