Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition?

It seems the European ratings board may have accidently let out the existence of the BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition. A listing on the British Board of Film Classification, now gone,  revealed earlier that the set will be  including the both Bioshock’s and all of the downloadable content released for each game.

The original BioShock got  in-game items in the form of DLC. BioShock 2’s DLC was mostly multiplayer-based, though a single-player add-on called Minerva’s Den was released in late 2010.

Still, the new set hasn’t been officially announced/confirmed and no release though it is expected to have a release date before Bioshock Infinite, also no mention of specific platforms.

It’s also unclear if the Ultimate Rapture Edition will only be exclusive to Europe or if it will also be headed to other territories. Also as an FYI, BioShock’s 2 collector’s set was known as the Rapture Edition for UK but as the Special Edition for United States.


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