Bomb Threat Shuts Down SPJ Event For GamerGate

A bomb threat in Miami yesterday caused the Society of Professional Journalists panel to be evacuated. The panel featured some key figured from the GamerGate movement.

Miami-Dade police responded to the Koubek Center at Miami Dade College at around 2:30pm after a tip informed them that there was a bomb in the building. The reported said that someone at the Miami Herald had received an email about the bomb threat and informed the authorities. No explosives were found when authorities reached the scene.

Th director of SPJ Region and host of the “AirPlay” event, Michael Koretky said the event began at 10 am and was flooded with bomb threats on social media throughout. All of which were ignored because security had already swept through the auditorium the night before, locket it, and posted a guard outside until the beginning of the event.

Koretzky said that the threat that sent the police to the Koubek Center came in about 30 minutes before the end of the program. Apparently, the threat was very specific, giving a time that the bomb would explode. Also, according to Koretzky, the auditorium was no longer swept and secured, as visitors were allowed to move around as they pleased before the second panel.

This is not the first time there has been a bomb threat against a venue where GamerGate would be discussed. In May, a restaurant in Washington DC was evacuated during the first official get-together for GamerGate supporters in the US.

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