Brick-Force heroes compete in the Brick Winter Games!

Let the games begin

Berlin, 18th February 2014: All eyes may be on Sochi, but it’s also raining medals in the sandbox-shooter Brick-Force! Brick-athletes from all over the world gather for the official Brick Winter Games! From now until the 24th February, eSportsmen and brick fans can collect points and prizes in eight different disciplines. Winners will be rewarded with gold medals and xp buffs to commemorate their achievements.

Success requires athletes to prove themselves as the sharpest shooter and the speediest racer, in both the snowman hunt and the steeplechase. A overall ranking will be split between the participating nations and all players from the winning territory will receive the rewards. In order to provide a fair playing field, rankings will be based on average kill count per territory.

The events of the week at a glance:

• Brick-Nations trophy
o The ranking shows the most successful nations during the whole Brick Winter Games. All participants from the victorious nation will be rewarded with XP buffs.

• Freestyler
o A test of accuracy where the three sharpest shooters win.

• Bricklympic Spirit
o The cooperative competition, in which teamwork skills are put to the test.

• Brick Hockey
o In this discipline, it ‘s time to head into close combat!

• Shoot the Snowman
o A snowman is on the loose in the Olympic Brick village and it’s time to go on the hunt!

• Brick Jumping
o An obstacle course that demands endurance and agility from all Brick-athletes.

• Brickathlon
o Who is the fastest on the track? Be warned though: Weapons are allowed…and encouraged!

• Cross-country Bricking
o Fast, faster, Cross Bricker! A test of direction and wildnerness survival. Get to the end quickly, but watch out along the way!

For further information about the Brick Winter Games, the sequence of the individual events and the game download visit the official website:

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Press release from Infernum Productions AG

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