Just the other day, we reported on the new Call Of Duty micro-transactions, but looks like Activision thinks that’s not enough.

According to PasteBin, it seems like there is going to be a free trial for the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer on consoles. On Friday March 7th you will be able to download the game  for free, and you will be able to play:

Domination and Team Deathmatch

On 3 maps:

  • Strike Zone
  • Warhawk
  • and Prison break

You will also be able to play Extinction mode for free aswell but no word if the campaign is free, but i highly doubt the campaign will be free.

Also if you like the game enough, you will be able to buy the game for a cheaper price, but it has not been detail exactly how much less.

If you think playing the game for free is not enough, On March 21st you will be able to play the first DLC Onslaught, all for free. That’s being able to play all 4 new maps, use the new weapon and also play the new Extinction DLC. The DLC will be for free for a weekend, and will require the base game to play it.

To top all this DLC off, how about some more micro-transactions!

4 new micro-transaction packs have been leaked. There is:

The Hazmat Special Character:


Zakhaev Special Character:


Rokhe Special Character:


And Finally, the Makarov Legend Pack


If this Micro-transaction patch, is the same as the first batch then The Special Characters will cost $1.99 and The Makarov Legend Pack will cost $3.99. Also the Special Character packs will include just that skin, while the Makarov Special Pack will include a Makarov skin, a playercard, a patch, a background, a weapon-camo and a reticle. That is if it’s the same as the first Micro-transaction DLC batch.

If you have the season pass, this will not be free, but it looks like season pass holders are getting something free, and that is  a Team Leader Digital Pack and a new item called The Ripper. We do not know what these are but we do know that it is exclusively free for season pass holders.

The free trials will only be available on console, but we do not know which consoles just yet, it will not be available on PC as the PC version just had it’s free weekend trail.



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