Capcom has confirmed which month Umbrella Corps will be arriving

Capcom’s has revealed today what month their upcoming Resident Evil spin off Umbrella Corps will release. Capcom has officially confirmed that their multiplayer shooter will be arriving in May in both Europe and North America.

The third person shooter will be releasing as a digital only title in May and will feature 1-6 players battling it out across existing environments from the Resident Evil franchise. Most battles are organized towards competitive team battles, but for those who wish for a single player mode will be happy as well as the game offers an The Experiment mode which offers 20+ missions.

The game will feature several environments, but thus far Capcom has revealed environments including Resident Evil 4’s Village, as well as Resident Evil 5’s the Tricell Organization.

The game is coming to Playstation 4 and PC in May and will cost £30/$30/€30.

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