Capcom working on new system to penalize Rage Quitters in Street Fighter V later this month

Street Fighter V the latest installment in Capcom’s long running fighting franchise has not exactly arrived in the condition we expected. The biggest complaints made mostly reflect upon the knowledge that the game has a shortage of content, and this in turn has been reflected in the slow sales that are worse then many of the previous Street Fighter 4 sales. Another huge problem with the game is that despite the game having a system in place that penalizes Rage Quitters it does seem to be stopping them, an issue that Capcom has noticed due to the high number of complaints made by honest players.

To address this issue Capcom has stated that they will be rolling out a new system that will penalize rage quitters further later this month. Capcom has not stated what this system will be or how it will work but I expect it will some kind of serious measure, for now we will need to wait and find out what they are planning when this system releases or they reveal more details.

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