Captain Toads Treasure Tracker street date potentially broken in the UK

If you live in the UK you could be in luck when it comes to getting your copy of Captain Toads Treasure Tracker, as apparently you could be playing the game this year, on this side of Christmas, instead of early next year, as one game retailer is possibly doing. It appears major UK video game retailer GAME may be the breaking the street date of the Captain’s new game to get in early sales, as it turns out shipments of the game have an availability date of 19/12/2014, online orders are presently being shipped and the game is said to be available in stores by Monday. So if you really want your game you could possibly get it before Christmas, but then again Nintendo should step in and put a stop to this and make sure just about everyone in the UK gets the game at the right time. Just don’t count on getting your copy early, anything can happen before Monday.

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