Cloud coming to Super Smash Brothers thanks to Final Fantasy XII collaboration

It is not always easy to guess who will make an appearance in Nintendo’s flagship fighter Super Smash Brothers and today’s announcement proves it. Many of us were expecting something along the lines of King. K. Rool or Shovel Knight to show up and grace us with their presence, but what we found out today definitly blew our minds. Nintendo announced a collaboration between Super Smash Brothers and Final Fantasy VII, then followed this up with a quick reveal of Cloud one of the biggest characters in the Final Fantasy universe.

Cloud is coming to prove he’s the best and fight back his inner darkness with his iconic Buster Sword. We should hear more about this character in December when we will receive a big Smash Brothers presentation. You can watch his reveal trailer below:

The only thing I am looking forward to more then playing as Cloud is getting my hands on his Amiibo, now that will be brilliant.

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