Cloudpunk Coming To Consoles In October

While gamers are waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, one might want to get into the proper frame of mind by playing other games touching on the genre. Indie “neo-noir” adventure Cloudpunk might be one possibility to consider when it makes its digital debut on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on October 15.

Having already been released on Steam, and garnering an overall “Very Positive” rating out of 4,000 player reviews, Cloudpunk puts you in the driver’s seat as Raina, the newest delivery driver for the not-entirely-legal Cloudpunk delivery service. Her first night on the job in the city of Nivalis may be the last it’s ever the same.

Players will take Raina between the towering skyscrapers and along the neon-lit walkways as she picks up and drops off packages for several clients ranging from humans to androids to rogue AIs. Exploring the city almost literally top-to-bottom will give players new opportunities to discover more about Nivalis and Cloudpunk’s diverse client list. How you choose to deliver the packages will have a lasting impact not only on the clients but on the city as a whole.

Not only is Cloudpunk coming out digitally, but physical editions of the game are also slated to be coming out. However, the tentative release date for those seems to be early November. Additionally, gamers can pre-order “Signature Edition” versions that come with the game, a full soundtrack CD, two enamel pins, and a numbered art print from artist Chris Puglise. You can pre-order physical copies of the game here.

Cloudpunk was developed by ION LANDS, an indie game workshop based in Berlin, Germany. The console release is being published by Merge Games, an indie publisher based in Manchester, UK. It may not be quite the same as Cyberpunk 2077, but for fans of the genre, it should be a good warm-up.

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