Code Vein Trailer Introduces Mia Karnstein

A new trailer has dropped for Code Vein, introducing us to one of the game’s characters.

The latest Code Vein trailer introduces us to partner character Mia Karnstein. Mia is a Revenant wandering around the land of Vein with her younger brother, who she will protect at all costs. Mia specializes in hit-and-away combat, using a bayonet-styled weapon that gives her range. Mia also uses a scorpion tail-like Blood Veil called “Stinger,” which lets her attack from a distance.

For those who do not know, Code Vein takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in an area called Vein. Players will take control of a vampire (dubbed Revenants) as they fight to gather blood. Gamers will collect Blood Veils, which can be used to increase the player’s strength and grant new abilities. There will be a large variety of weapons and tools that can be used to gather blood, as well as spells (called Gifts). The game plays like Bloodborne, but is much flashier and features an anime style.

Code Vein will release on September 28th. The game will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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