Code Vein Character Trailer Introduces Yakumo Shinonome

Another trailer has been released for Code Vein, introducing us to another character.

The latest trailer for Code Vein introduces us to another partner character, Yakumo Shinonome. Yakumo is a combat professional and former mercenary. He fights with a cool head on the battlefield. He has both a strong sense of duty and a reliable personality. Many Revenants look up to him like an older brother. As a partner, Yakumo is reliable, and makes use of his high physical strength to pull ahead and take damage.

Another character trailer which was released recently, introduces us to Mia Karnstein. Mia is a Revenant traveling the land of Vein with her younger brother, whom she will protect at all costs. Mia specializes in hit-and-away combat. She wields a bayonet type weapon to attack from a distance. She also uses a scorpion tail-like Blood Veil in order to attack from afar.

A special edition is being released for the upcoming RPG. This version of the game includes a figurine of Mia Karnstein, the game’s soundtrack, a digital art book, and a set of cosmetic customization options called “The Insatiable Bloodthirst.”

Code Vein will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 28th.

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