Colossal Cave Reimagined: A Text-Based Classic Goes 3D On VR, PC and Mac

The founders of Sierra Entertainment, Ken and Roberta Williams, have revealed Colossal Cave – Reimagined by Roberta Williams. Responsible for classics such as King’s Quest and Phantasmagoria, the retro gaming icons are breathing new life into Colossal Cave Adventure, a 1975 text-based adventure. The new 3D reimagining will be the debut title of their new company Cygnus Entertainment. The initial trailer focuses heavily on the Meta Quest 2 version of the game, seemingly symbolic of the transition from retro text-based gameplay to the latest evolving gaming tech. 


Suitably atmospheric given the nature of the original title, the trailer teases the winding caves the player will be exploring on their adventure. This won’t be easy, as the dragon blocking your path does not seem to be in a particularly great mood – and he won’t be the only magical creature you encounter. The game is also set to feature challenging puzzles to test the wits of the adventurer. There may even be some treasure waiting for you if you can survive the challenges you face.

Colossal Cave is set to launch later this year on Meta Quest 2. Whilst the trailer’s focus is on the VR platform, the title is also confirmed to be coming to PC and Mac. The game will be $39.99 at launch, and will have multiple language support including English, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. 

A screenshot of a bird in Colossal Cave reimagined
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… definitely a bird.

If you have never played the original Colossal Cave Adventure, the website for the reimagining features a fully playable version of the game embedded at the bottom. For those unfamiliar with text-based games, it can be quite tricky!

Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to Colossal Cave, and if there’re any other text-based games you think need the 3D treatment. For more updates on Colossal Cave, keep your eyes on GameLuster.

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1 year ago

Looking forward to a Colossal launch