Comparing versions Batman Arkham Origins Wii U vs Xbox 360

If you read Gameluster you will be aware that I published a review of Batman Arkham Origins a while back, the review I wrote was about the game itself and the key parts and features the things I didn’t take note of is how certain versions of the game compare, when I reviewed Batman Arkham Origins I played the Xbox 360 version since then I have also now played the Wii U version of the game. So with this I plan to compare what is different about the two versions so you may be able to determine which version might be better for you if you are still yet to play the game, but keep in mind that while I mention the Xbox 360 version of the game this version is basically the same as the Playstation 3 and PC versions but I am referencing this version because that is what I played on.

The major difference I will mention between the two versions is the multiplayer, those who seek further things to do with other people outside of the main story will be disappointed with the Wii U version of the game with it lacking the multiplayer activity. While I would not say this is a bad thing as the multiplayer in the game is not that great, it is still sad that the Wii U version lacks this mode and only gives it’s players the single player campaign but there is still a positive that beats all other versions of the game.

The difference that makes the Wii U version superior is how the map is displayed, arguably one of my biggest frustrations with Batman Arkham Origins on the Xbox 360 was having to constantly pause the game to look at the map, when going to an individual objective this wasn’t so bad as the game would still direct me to the story objective. Where as when I was searching for many of the things to do with Enigma I was frustrated with having to almost constantly check my map to ensure I was in the right area. The Wii U version is certainly more enjoyable with the Gamepad permanently displaying the map which meant it was easier to do or find anything I needed while still playing the game. There is also a gamepad only option which while it does bring back my main issue with the other versions it does mean you can watch a movie or television show while you play which is always good.

It is a small thing that really makes the difference being either a not so great multiplayer or a really great map that is permanently in sight and accessible. I guess for anyone it probably comes down to what console they own and what they would prefer to play, I personally prefer the Wii U version and find the gamepad controller to be the preferred option but again it really is a matter of self preference and others might enjoy the other versions more. I hope this was helpful to you in showing the difference between versions in case you missed it here is the link to the review.

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