Dave The Diver: Money Making Guide

In real life and in Dave The Diver, money is everything. Finding a way to make more money is always on the mind and in this game it’s pretty simple, too. When you’re not running the restaurant Bancho Sushi, you will be diving deep into the Blue Hole where exotic fish live.

The Blue Hole is magical and has fish from all over the world living inside of it. This is an amazing opportunity for Dave and his merry gang at the sushi shop. Finding the best fish and the strategies used to procure them can be a fun challenge and in this guide, we will touch on some of the best ways to stack some gold. 

Sorting Your Recipes

Taste Emoji

This is an easy one! When you are making your menu for the day you can sort all of the available dishes based on certain criteria. One of the criteria is By Price which will sort the dishes you can make by Most Gold and Least Gold. 

Wait For Parties

The party invite for the Jellyfish event in Dave the Diver
This is what shows up when you need to prepare for a Party Event!

Every month or so there will be a party held which will focus on certain exotic foods. It can be Jellyfish, Tuna, or something more exotic.

When these parties pop up on your calendar it’s a good idea to get as many of these fishes as you can so that when the party-goers come by the sushi bar, they’ll love the experience and will pay more for the specific fish they’re looking for. The Tuna-focused one is a great way to make a huge chunk of change.

Sell Items You’ve Picked Up

Dave The Diver

On your boat, you have access to the Cobra Premium Shop. In there, you can buy new items every day but you can also sell extra resources and doo-dads that you’ve picked up along the way. Items like Lionfish Thorns, Silver Bowls, Pearls, and Statues can be sold for some quick gold. 

Upgrade Your Dishes

The chef prepare his best dish.
Bancho Sushi, level up!

When you’re on the recipe page there’s an option to upgrade every dish there. To upgrade a dish you need to have extras of that fish, which will then be used to increase the taste and cost of that dish. So, if you need to upgrade a Shark dish and it costs 4 Shark meat, once it’s upgraded the meat will be gone but your dish will permanently have an increase! It’s always a good idea to catch as much as you can in the Blue Hole and this is one of the amazing reasons why. 

Are there any other money-making tips and tricks you know of? Comment below!

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