Days Gone Delayed Again

Every time you think that just maybe Days Gone might meet an announced release window, it turns and runs further into the distance. At this point Days Gone is nothing more than the game that refuses to release, with a variety of dates given which are quickly revoked in favour of leaving the game squarely in the developer’s hands just a little longer.

Days Gone was announced to have a February 22nd release date just prior to E3, following a previously vague 2019 release date. But yet again Sony jumped the gun in providing a release date to Sony Bend’s upcoming game. Thankfully, Days Gone hasn’t been pushed back by much with the game arriving only a couple months later than originally planned.

It will arrive on April 26th, pending any further delay.

Hopefully this delay will work in the favour of the game, enabling the developers to provide a fun experience paired with proper optimization.

Days Gone’s change in release date moves it out of competition with other big games set to release on February 22nd. This includes Crackdown 3, Anthem, and Metro Exodus, so it’s possible Sony is giving the game the best chance.

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