Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

Dead Island 2 offers more variety than its predecessors when it comes to enemy types, which is good only when you have the right weapons to deal with them. To survive in Hell-A, you need some of the best weapons! Luckily, Dead Island 2 features a myriad of different weapon categories, ranging from firearms and melee to makeshift weapons. These feature different rarities, with legendary being at the top.

Since Dead Island 2 locks much of its content behind story and mission progression, finding legendary weapons becomes difficult. Many players might not be aware of all the legendary weapons the game offers. If you are one such player, this guide will tell you more!

Every Legendary Weapon Available In Dead Island 2

If you are eager to add Legendary Weapons to your Weapons collection, take a look at the list below:

Blood Rage 

Dead Island 2

Blood Rage is a quick and agile knife used to deal heavy damage to enemies close to you. If you want to get your hands on this knife, you must travel to the Pier. There, you must kill a crusher named Dante and pick up the journal that it drops on death. 

Doing everything necessary will trigger the quest, Lost and Found Fool’s Gold, which involves hunting items needed to unlock Blood Rage. One item is found in the Lockers, one on a bench near the ice cream shack, and one in the alleyway to the north. Once you’ve found these clues, you can see a buried box named ‘Buried Safe‘ when exploring the passageway beside the building where you started your quest. Kill every Zombie near it and interact with the box to obtain Blood Rage.

The One 

Dead Island 2Another Legendary Weapon is The One, a great sword that is strong enough to rip off a Zombie’s head in one go. Luckily it is not that difficult to get this legendary weapon. All you need to do is interact with a guy named Sebastian in Hollywood Boulevard and wait until you get access to the quest called Beacon of Hope.

In the Beacon of Hope Quest, you must find Sarah at the Old Dynasty Chinese Theater and defend her from zombies while turning spotlights back on. Once done, go back to Sebastian in the Clinic and talk with him to collect The One weapon.


Dead Island 2Brutalizer is one of the strongest Machetes in Dead Island 2, and it is also the rward for a side quest. You need to participate and complete one of the active main-story questlines, The Giant Slayer, to get access to the Body Art: The Visionary side quest.

Head over to Sodolux Estates, and meet and interact with Francesca to trigger the Body Art: The Visionary quest. In this questline, you need to collect specific body parts of different Zombies, which are stated in the notes sheet attached to the board just beside Francesca. After finding all the body parts, you will be rewarded with the Brutalizer.

Emma’s Wrath

Dead Island 2Emma’s Wrath is one of the strongest hammers in the game, as it can penetrate enemies with its critical hits. If you want to get hold of this menacing weapon, you will need to complete the main game storyline of Dead Island 2. More specifically, achieve every single mission from start to end to collect the Emma’s Wrath Hammer as your reward.


Dead Island 2If you are a lover of assault rifles, then the Bodycount is definitely going to be your pick. To add this weapon to your collection, you must complete the Lost and Found [REDACTED] side quest. To enter the quest line, head over to the military base camp and kill Lieutenant Ford, a special Zombie, and pick up the journal from the ground.

After that, go to the container area on the military camp side, where you will witness a handful of Zombies. Kill every Zombie out there, specifically the Pvt. Delgado to obtain the Supply Case Keys. With the keys, make your way into the open container near you and open the locked supply case to collect the Bodycount.

Big Shot

Dead Island 2Big Shot is one of the strongest damage-dealing pistols in the game. It can kill one Zombie in one shot. Since this gun is tied to a specific questline called It’s Not Your Fault, you must finish it first. To begin the questline, you must interact with Luciana who lives in Emma’s Gaunt house in Bel-Air. She will ask you to descend into the sewers to collect the readings on several seismometers and defeat zombie seismologists. After that, you’ll get Big Shot as your reward.

These are all of the Legendary Weapons available in Dead Island 2. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Which is your favorite Legendary Weapon? Comment below and let us know! Lastly, if interested, make sure to check out our other articles on Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X & S, and PC platforms.


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