Destiny Rise Of Iron: 5 Awesome Features

Destiny’s newest and most ambitious Expansion ‘Rise Of Iron’ drops worldwide Tuesday the 20th of September, and if you asked any fan of Bungie’s hit  Sci-Fi MMO/FPS Destiny, the excitement for the expansion is growing by the minute.

Here are just 5 of the many standout features Bungie have packed into this expansion for you to sink your teeth into before we climb the face of Felwinter Peak and combat SIVA herself.

  1. Brand New Narrative Story
    Rise of Iron provides players with a brand new narrative campaign, with a compelling story; packed full of cinematics and cut-scenes. The story follows Lord Saladin, the last of the Iron Lords, a special group of guardians tasked with locking away an ancient and evil artificial-intelligence named SIVA. As The Fallen burrow and cut there way through the Cosmodrome, they uncover SIVA, letting its devilish scourge spread across New-Russia. It is up to you, the Guardians, to team up with Lord Saladin and destroy the SIVA plague before it wipes out humanity.
  2. New Weapons/Armour sets, Exotic ‘Ornaments’
    It cannot be a Destiny expansion without a brand new set of shiny loot to come along with it; and Rise Of Iron is no exception. Armour sets for existing in-game events have been updated, and new armour sets have been added along with Rise Of Irons new inclusions; such as the raid and the new ‘Iron Lords’ armour set. To add even more layers of customisation to the players experience; special ‘Ornaments’ have been included. These add a unique and overarching visual change to new and existing pieces of Exotic gear, the game’s super-rare pieces of loot.
  3. The Raid
    Nothing defines the End-Game in Destiny like a Raid. These are huge, co-operative puzzle-like quests that provide the Destiny player-base with the ultimate challenge. Rise Of Iron gives players ‘Wrath Of The Machine’, a Raid Bungie had designed ‘with fun in mind’. Much of the Raid has been kept a secret, but images of a giant machine and the team of 6 Guardians running along the top of the Cosmodrome wall are enough to get the Destiny community excited.
  4. Player vs Player (Crucible) Private Matches
    Since the launch of Destiny back in September of 2014, the community have been begging Bungie to include a ‘private match’ system into Destiny’s competitive mode the Crucible. This has been added today, a whole week before the launch of Rise Of Iron; giving the community the ability to create their own matches with complete freedom. It will be great to see what kind of wonderful creations the community come up with in the coming weeks.
  5. Secrets
    Putting it plainly, Bungie has explicitly stated that there are many parts of Rise Of Iron that have been kept a complete secret on purpose; this could be anything from an entirely new weapon type, to returning Year 1 ‘Strikes’, the staple game mode within Destiny. These secrets are keeping the community on their toes, as Bungie have been known to keep sometimes huge chunks of their content a secret until the players get their hands on it themselves.

Rise of Iron launches on Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday 20th of September, and a review will be coming shortly after launch here on Gameluster.

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