Detroit: Become Human Release Date Announced

It has been a few years since Detroit: Become Human was first announced, and the wait has been agonizing with the slow release of details. But finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as Sony Interactive Entertainment and Quantic Dream have finally revealed that we can expect Detroit: Become Human to hit PlayStation 4 in May.

The studio’s latest foray into interactive drama will finally hit the PS4 on May 25, allowing players to take in the painstakingly created world of Detroit. Players will enter a world where androids are plentifully available and act as servants and public service agents for those who need them. As shown in past trailers, we will be subjected to some challenging scenes and difficult moral choices.

The game centers around three androids, all of whom the players will swap between throughout. Connor is an android designed to help human investigators with cases dealing with other androids. Markus is an anarchist who becomes the leader of an android revolution. Kara helps to save a little girl from her father’s cruelty and ends up a fugitive. How these stories fare is up to the player and their choices and interactions, unlike Beyond: Two Souls and more like Heavy Rain. Characters can die and they will just be gone. Ultimately this will allow many players to pave their own story and make the decision that they think is right.

Detroit: Become Human arrives exclusively for PS4 on May 25.

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