Diablo III: Eternal Collection Headed to Switch in November

It wasn’t really a surprise when Diablo III: Eternal Collection was announced for the Nintendo Switch, and now we know the game is coming on Nov. 2. When it was initially announced, Blizzard didn’t give us a release date, leaving people wondering when they could play the game.

The Nintendo of America Twitter account broke the news of Diablo III’s release date, and a Nintendo Direct on Sept. 13 also confirmed the date.

Nov. 2 is the day we can take Diablo III with us wherever we go, giving us less than two months until we take the journey on a Nintendo platform.

If you are considering going down the download route for Diablo III, then you will be happy to know that the European and North American eShop’s have updated the game’s page with its file size. The page lists the game with a file size of 13.3 GB, compared to the PlayStation 4 equivalent, which is a rather large 40.46 GB. The game has clearly been condensed down in its files to make up for the Switch’s low internal storage. You can also now pre-order Diablo III: Eternal Collection through the Nintendo eShop if you wish to be ready for its release on Nov. 2.

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