Diablo IV: How To Defeat World Boss Ashava

There’s no denying that the Diablo franchise offers some of the best world bosses seen in an RPG game. And the latest installment, Diablo IV, is following in the footsteps of its predecessors in maintaining that legacy as it offers a well-curated world boss named Ashava, whom players fought during the Diablo IV open beta. 

Since Ashava is a world boss, many players eventually try to farm her for lucrative rewards. But, one must have a good strategy, knowledge of the Boss’s attack patterns, and other things to win the battle with Ashava. 

If you are one of the players looking forward to beating the world boss, Ashava, keep reading our guide to know what exactly you need to do in Diablo IV.

Where To Find World Boss Ashava in Diablo IV

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You can find the world boss Ashava in The Crucible in the eastern parts of the Fractured Peaks region. Basically, the menacing Boss appears once every 3 hours and stays on for 15 mins, so you must be in the said region as early as possible so as to not miss out on any chance of taking her on. Thankfully, you will be notified 30 mins before Ashava comes into existence!

How To Defeat World Boss Ashava

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Here comes the actual burdensome part, the fight with world boss Ashava. How can you beat her? There’s no need to worry; we have some tips to help you defeat this fearsome Boss.

Since Ashava will have a massive health pool, you need a strategy that can be effective and good enough to take her down. You must be at level 25, which previously was the max level in the open beta, to fight the Boss. Next, we recommend dealing with the Boss when other players are around to help or with a premade party. 

You will need a Tank to aggro the Boss, a healer to heal the tank, and lastly, DPS units for dealing the most damage. Based on your build, take the respective role and stick to it. While you are at it, gear yourself up with some poison-resistant battle gears to avoid the deadly poison cloud attacks of Ashava. 

That said, Ashava launches herself into mid-air and lands on players causing them an enormous health loss. So try to dodge these attacks and when you get an open window for an attack, deal her with your best attack combo. 

That’s all you need to know about defeating Ashava World Boss in Diablo IV. If you find this guide helpful, share it with friends! And, while you are here, make sure to have a look at our other Diablo IV guides: Diablo IV: How to Upgrade Your Weapons and ArmorDiablo IV Co-Op Guide: How to Play With Your FriendsDiablo IV: How to Disable Chat BubblesHow to Fix FPS Issues In Diablo IV and much more.

Diablo IV  is available on  PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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