Diablo IV: Where To Find Aspect Of Dire Whirlwind

One of the most awaited games of 2023, Diablo IV, is finally out and has already fetched an enormous player base since its release. What makes the game so unique is its action-packed gameplay, choice of Classes, World Bosses, and many other similar things. Basically, this game is worthy enough to keep you engaged throughout.


In Diablo IV, you can collect essential items, mainly Aspects, that provide additional agility and strength to your Classes. And if you are a Barbarian player in the game, this guide is definitely for you as we talk about how to get Aspect of Dire Whirlwind. So, if you are looking forward to obtaining it, keep reading!


Where To Find Aspect OF Dire Whirlwind

Aspect Of Dire Whirlwind

In order to get your hands on the Aspect of Dire Whirlwind, you first need to complete the main campaign until you reach the Scosglen area. When you do, open your in-game map and navigate the dungeon symbols to find out one specific dungeon named Garan Hold, then click on it to find out whether the said dungeon offers Aspect of Dire Whirlwind as a reward for completing the tasks out there. The screenshot image above might help you out if you need any clarification.


Another surprising thing about this Aspect is that you can get it as a dropped reward for taking on World Bosses and participating in mysterious World Events. Unfortunately, it is not a guaranteed drop item. Instead, it is likely to drop, besides the other Legendary items available in Diablo IV.


What Does Aspect Of Dire Whirlwind Do?


As mentioned before, the Aspect of Dire Whirlwind is an item that can only be used by Barbarians. That aside, it is an offensive Aspect that can increase the Critical Strike chance by 3% for every second it is channeled, and can go up to 9%. So, it is worth finding the said Aspect.


That’s all you need to know on how to get Aspect of Dire Whirlwind in Diablo IV. If You find this guide helpful, make sure to share it with your friends! And while you are here, you might want to check out other Diablo IV guides covering how to Salvage itemshow to get and upgrade healing potion, and much more.


Diablo IV is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox One Xbox Series X/S.

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