Dishonored 2 has been announced

Yesterday Dishonored 2 was leaked and was revealed to be announced at E3, now during Bethesda’s E3’s press confernece Dishonored 2 was officially revealed. The presentation showed off some great footage for the game that also revealed that Emily Kaldwin, the young princess from the original game will be returning as a main protagonist. In Dishonored 2 you will be traversing a slightly more modern world then what was shown in the original game, but in the case of the modern world the trailer does make it look exciting.

Bethesda promises a large variety of gameplay  approaches and you can look forward to fighting plenty of robots. Dishonored 2 has been announced to be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, however no release date has been given at this time. Here is the games trailer:

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