Disney and Marvel collaboration announcement for Disney Infinity coming later this month

Disney Infinity is popular for many reasons, one it is fun, two it lets you play with a lot of your favourite Disney characters, and three it features creativity and freedom as its core features of its gameplay. Good news for those who really like this game and keep wanting more as Disney is teasing a big announcement to come on April 30 in regards to a collaboration between Marvel and Disney to potentially see Marvel characters in Disney Infinity. It all works since Disney owns the rights to Marvel since they bought the company.

For there upcoming announcement Disney has started sending out media invites for the company’s plan to show off the latest chapter in Disney Infinity. It is impossible to say whether this will relate to a brand new game or even be a whole new expansion towards the pre existing title, personally I am going for the former. Speculation though does suggest this could be Disney Infinity 2.0 so hopefully this is the case and we will be seeing a whole new game featuring all of the many properties owned by Disney, perhaps, even Star Wars someday, but that does seem far off.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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