Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Announced For Current Platforms

Rumors of two classic games based on hit Disney films have come to an end with a swift announcement that revealed Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King for modern systems, coming both digitally and with a boxed retail release this fall.

What is most appealing about this release is that we will be given multiple versions of each game. Fans of Aladdin will be able to play the Sega Genesis release, the Game Boy version, and the Super Game Boy version, implying an option for a colorful play option. Also included is Aladdin Final Cut, but most aren’t sure what exactly this entails. There’s also the Aladdin Trade Show Demo, which is a demo version shown at trade shows that has been unavailable since 1993. Notably, the Super Nintendo version of Aladdin is not included among the offerings, although this was handled by a different developer than the other versions. The Game Gear version of Aladdin is also absent.

As for The Lion King, both the Sega Genesis version and Super Nintendo version will be present, as well as the Game Boy with the included Super Game Boy version. Much like Aladdin, the Game Gear version of The Lion King will not be included, despite being notable for its improved gameplay at the expense of visuals.

Disney Classic Games Aladdin and The Lion King Switch boxart
Disney Classic Games Aladdin and The Lion King Switch box-art

A variety of features will be accessible with this release, including upscaled graphics with an option to play the original builds, along with filters for visual enhancement. The games will also offer a customizable control scheme, a rewind feature (akin to Rare Replay) that allows you to rewind up to fifteen seconds to fix mistakes, as well as an Interactive Game Viewer, allowing you to watch pre-recorded gameplay and jump into the game at any time. Finally, there’s a music player, art gallery, and an “explorable museum” housing behind-the-scenes development assets including interviews.

Disney Classic Games is being handled by Digital Eclipse, recognized for their restorations of classic games, who have handled the Mega Man Legacy Collection as well as The Disney Afternoon Collection.

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King will be available on October 29 with a confirmed price of $29.99. Currently, no price has been confirmed for other regions. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the trailer for these games below.

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