Disney Infinity 4.0 won’t be coming in 2016, continued support for 3.0 coming instead

Disney Interactive is changing its tactics in 2016 and not bringing us Disney Infinity 4.0, instead the company vows to support 3.0 further for the series fourth year.

Disney Infinity has been a respectable franchise across the past couple of years with three different installments covering varying pieces of the Disney brand. The games followed the Skylander’s approach releasing a new game each year with Disney Infinity celebrating the basic level of Disney and Pixar, 2.0 followed Marvel, and 3.0 prioritized Star Wars, however as reported by Game Informer there will no follow up in 2016.

Vice President of Disney Infinity production John Vignocchi states Disney has already “introduced the four core franchises” to Disney Infinity. Instead of iterating further, the developer will continue to support Disney Infinity 3.0 “with more content, characters, and play sets from all of our beloved brands.”

As a start we know this includes the four player Marvel Battlegrounds playset, and more will follow.

Along with the announcement comes a new YouTube series from Disney Interactive detailing “the past, present and future of Disney Infinity, directed in part, by your feedback.” The first episode of the series, called Disney Infinity Next, shows off upcoming characters Ant-Man, Black Panther, and The Vision each will have a costume based on the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War.


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