Xbox boss Phil Spencer praises Uncharted 4

Xbox head Phil Spencer is no stranger to handing out complements to his competitors, he has openly supported Nintendo in varying places, and even has nice words to say for Sony and some of their big games. Recently Spencer said that he will be playing Uncharted 4, when asked what games he is most looking to this year of which he shared the following:

Gears. I thought Division beta was very good. People will block me but UC4 will be a great game I’m sure. Love the QB Story.

Phil Spencer also shared his truly honest thoughts in regards to the different consoles, his message was more directly spoken to the blind supporters of varying consoles who pray for failure in the rivals, and argue that a similar system is better then the other. He had this to say on the matter:

We should all applaud when a team does something special. Those who hope for team to fail due to platform aren’t real gamers.

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