There is a common trend in this world when it comes to games. This trend is that movie tie in games are just about always going to be bad. While this is often the case there have been a few exceptions over the years that stand out and have kept us happy and amused. The original Cars videogame was amusing and a great chance to enjoy the setpiece of the Cars movie.

Before we get into this review though I would like to advise you that unlike my original Disney Infinity review where I breezed over each Playset I will be talking about the playset in greater detail.

When it comes to movies by Disney Pixar I don’t think anyone could deny that Cars was a great one, and in the case of Disney Infinity Cars was certainly a great choice as a movie world that each of us can visit. Radiator Springs has always seemed like a world with untapped potential and I could not wait to visit and interact with one of my favourite locations.

The Cars Playset comes to us with two characters and evidently the playset piece that gives us access to Radiator Springs. As we expect with this playset you receive the main character of Cars that sets the story in motion, Lightning McQueen. We also get to play as Mater’s Girlfriend/ spy Holly Shiftwell, who is meant to appeal to the female players if they want to play as a girl. In this playset you can also play as Francesco as well as Mater, however they do not come packaged in with the playset and instead you must put down extra money in order to play as these other characters. Pretty cheeky in my opinion, and as such some may be disappointed that Mater doesn’t come as part of the toybox pack.

Disney Infinity Chick

The story of the Cars playset features Lightning Mcqueen and Mater returning to Radiator Springs after being away. I can only assume the story starts somewhere after the events of Cars 2, as the game does not specify a timeline as to where it is set but it is fun to think about. Upon returning to Radiator Springs you are told they are in preparation for a big race within the town and you are tasked with completing objectives to help towards the big race. The world is literally filled with things to do within the story and several key missions that go about the true nature of the Cars brand which of course is racing.

People who aren’t fans of racing games really will have no place within the Cars Playset, as racing literally is the key component of the playlet. Of course there are other mission types such as collecting items from around Radiator Springs, stunt challenges and of course towing missions which you don’t even need Mater for. However these missions don’t really speak much about what the game offers and are only really minor objectives in the greater offerings, racing is really what the playset is about and I must admit it is actually really fun and something that I think anyone could really get into.

Races take place on designated spots around Radiator Springs and each feature a wide variety of characters from around Radiator Springs and other races from around the theoretical world of Cars. Each race has been incredibly done to include this great selection of characters and of course the race courses are equally incredible. Every course in the game makes great use of the idea of the environment that is Radiator Springs. By standard adventuring we get to see the town of Radiator Springs but as part of a race we get to drive through the township, as well as this we also get race around the landscapes. All in all every moment of the races apart from a couple of additions stands as a love letter to the Cars source material and I loved being able to race around these locations.

Disney Infinity Mater and Holly

Even better still was that each race was fun and even though I will admit I found a lack of courses I was never bored with the courses offered as they still continued to be fun, however races improved once I got hold of weapons. Standard races are about skill and trying to outrace your opponents but I often found that weapons were far better they were even funnier. Thanks to weapons the tides can be changed and it made races where you are literally fighting to get out of last feel like you have a chance, this even carried over to multiplayer which is even better then single player. It always feels better to race against friends and going into battle races can make for some funny times when playing with weapons.

I have said it once and I will say it again; the Cars playset is a love letter to the Cars movies, and for Disney infinity owners it is definitely a must play and is probably one of the best playsets available. Whether you are a kid or an adult there is a lot to love and you are sure to have an amazing time racing around this world. The other bonus is what the game adds to the toybox and there are several things that make the basic Disney Infinity game all the more enjoyable such as making racetracks and offering weapons and other things to create the ultimate challenge. The Cars Playset acts as extra content and is probably the best kind. Sure we have to buy it separately from the main game and it costs us more but this is the best kind. It is fun and it is a must play for all Disney Infinity owners.

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