Driveclub Mixed Reviews Show That Graphics Aren’t Everything

The Driveclub reviews have been flowing out of game review websites, and they have presented themselves in a slew of mixed reviews. The game was praised unanimously for its graphics, but struggled when it came to the content aspect. Driveclub only has around a quarter of the cars that are in both Forza games (Motorsport 5/ Horizon 2), and unique tracks that are “based” off of real life locations.

GameSpot gave it a 5/10 and said:

Driveclub is ordinary menus and ordinary races, standard time trials, and a few drift events. Driveclub is bland social competition. Driveclub is the fear of risks and the embrace of the ordinary.

IGN gave it a 7.9/10 and said:

The tentacles of Driveclub can grip tight if you get invested in the game’s asynchronous challenges, and it’s very much geared around encouraging us to hop online and compete by making it so easy.

Ironically, the best review it received was from Playstation Universe, which gave it a modest 9.5/10


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