EA Access is Coming to Steam

EA’s subscription service, EA Access, is on it’s way to Steam. Several EA-published games have also been released on the service. Some games, however, such as FIFA 20, Battlefield V, and Apex Legends, remain Origin-only on PC.

The first indication that EA Access would launch on Steam came from an image on the store page, with the image showing up on the pages of newly launched games available in the Steam store.

EA Access is currently only available on consoles, as PC has its version called Origin Access, run by EA’s Origin Store.

Since it launched, Origin Access has spawned two versions: Basic and Premier. Basic offers ten-hour trials of upcoming titles, as well as limited access to a variety of games via the Vault, as well as discounted Origin purchases. Premier provides full access to brand-new games.

EA Access is coming to Steam.
A large number of EA titles have come to Steam. (Picture: EA).

Right now, a handful of games, (including their DLC), are available on Steam. These games include Burnout Paradise Remastered, Crysis 3, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the original Need For Speed, (as well as Heat & Rivals), Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and both of the Unravel titles. Other titles include Dragon Age Inquisition, Fe, and Sea Of Solitude. For the full list of EA titles that have come to Steam, check out the link here. These are the first EA games on Steam since Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which was released across consoles, the Origin store, and Steam.

A selection of the titles mentioned above will be discounted by 50% or more. The deal will last until July 9. Currently, it is unknown when EA Access will arrive on Steam. With the EA Play showcase coming up, it’d make sense that they’d wait until then to reveal more information.

The EA Play showcase is scheduled for next week on Thursday, June 11. 

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