EA delays Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline

A lot of this years most anticipated upcoming games seem to be getting delayed at the moment, with the recent delaying of Dying Light and Batman Arkham Knight from Warner Brothers Interactive. Now today EA games has announced that a couple of their games will be receiving delays.

The games in question include Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline. Dragon Age: Inquisition will now ship on November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe. The previous release dates were October 7 and October 10 respectively. It’s not a major delay, but a delay nonetheless.

Battlefield: Hardline, on the other hand, is facing a major delay. EA previously announced that its shooter would launch in late October. Today’s news reveals that Hardline will not be available until sometime next year.

This is unfortunate for those looking forward to these games but unfortunately games sometimes have to be delayed, lets just hope that each of these games is improved and made better by their delay unlike Watch Dogs.


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