EA has announced EA Originals, first game through this will be Fe

Electronic Arts is getting ready to put more emphasis on helping independent developers with a brand new initiative they have freshly announced. This is titled EA Originals and it designed with the intent of helping smaller developers from all over the world with getting their games out there.

Unravel, which was announced last year and arrived earlier this year was actually the beta test for the new program, Electronic Arts worked with Coldwood Interactive, a small team from Sweden, and Unravel proved to be a huge hit prompting EA to keep working with them. This has given way to EA working with even more developers, and they have even revealed their first EA Originals game, this new title is called Fe, this is a game about a fox cub finding its way in a scary world, and this sounds pretty fascinating. This new game was announced during the EA Play event and you can watch a trailer for the game:

Electronic Arts is clearly trying to do more for the industry with this movement, and this could just put the company back in game players good graces. This is a smart move and I look forward to seeing what comes from this, and what interesting projects could follow.

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