EA Games has not really been the greatest game company around for a while now, sure they handle some of the industry's biggest franchises such as Mass Effect but they also mess up some of the biggest games. Last year the company released Titanfall, an online multiplayer focused game which offered little motivation for lack of story and again lost accessibility due to its solely online approach.

Using Star Wars as their newest canvas they are clearly showing they are not learning from their mistakes, as what was expected to be one of the years best games with Star Wars Battlefront is actually going to be a huge disappointment. We have known for a while that the game would not feature a single player campaign which was already disappointing but what is more infuriating is the reasoning behind it. During to an interview, EA's Peter Moore took the chance to give their reason for the lack of a single campaign, he stated that “very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games” going on with “that’s what the data points too.”

The lack of a single player campaign just isn't right especially in a world as great and vibrant as the Star Wars Universe. There will be no drive for the game and what may look good will just be an empty experience, the other worth noting is the data. I don't know what they have been looking at but as far as I can tell a number of people play the single player side, and I myself don't go to the multiplayer until I have completed the campaign. There is clearly just an excuse being made that is hiding a deeper reason they just don't want to share.

Hearing all this I have lost faith in this game and now have no interest in playing, but what do you think about all this, do you play the single player campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.