EA’s Peter Moore says people don’t play single player campaigns so Star Wars Battlefront does not have one

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  1. Eric Twobite Murray BaHons says:

    Personally, Star Wars or not, I don’t buy Battlefield games for the story as it’s normally a half arsed slap on. They know this, hence the statement. Battlefield is far superior (in my opinion and most my friends) in the multiplayer experience where you can forge your own epic battle stories alongside teams of comrades and Call of Duty normally gives you a very cinematic campaign but the multiplayer has a short shelf life.
    I didn’t even bother with the campaign in Battlefield 3 and I thoroughly enjoyed the game online, I played through 4 but regretted it. The last good campaign they did was on the Bad Company series, which seems to be sleeping for now.
    I say let them pour all their efforts into one place and make it amazing. There will be a Story based Star Wars with similar scale, it’ll come. Disney are on a rancor rampage with their new I.P. so you just have to take it for what it is at the moment and enjoy some player made storyscapes.
    It’s all subjective, there are no laws or rules set by players and I think this is nothing but a good thing for the product that will make the shelves.
    I can’t wait.