Emmaline Rambles: It’s OK to Procrastinate

As an avid gamer, I can never seem to beat games, though I finish everything else. This isn’t because a game sucks, or I don’t have the capability of beating it, I just never get around to doing it in an under-four-month time period.

Am I necessarily wasting my money?

Some games do not need to be completely beaten to experience the full essence of them. For instance, any game with marriage in it isn’t completely beaten until you actually get married; however, this is usually not a crucial part of the game, so it doesn’t matter that you do not participate in it.

It is not necessary to beat every trainer in Pokémon, even if you miss out on leveling up your Pokémon or filling your Pokédex. You also may still have completed everything else except maybe the last boss or dungeon.

It is OK to leave a game unfinished as long as you’re happy with the game and complete it at least halfway. It would be a waste of money if you didn’t get to the midpoint of the story, but even if you don’t meet all the characters, it’s all OK. If the game was partially fun for you to play in emergencies, then it was worth it for those times, along with any experience or knowledge gained .

If a release is a replica of another game or something similar, like a spin-off or a remastered version, it is quite understandable if you do not finish it. You have played something similar to it and don’t see the point in completing it all over again. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to get Pokémon Ultra Moon, having already played Pokémon Moon. I do not see the point of completing the game if I get it, even with a new storyline and added legendaries.

It is definitely OK to leave a game unfinished if it is pure crap. As long as you tried to play it and gained something out of it, whether it was annoyed emotions or motivation to create something better, it was worth the money and time. For example, there are certain games, mostly older games for systems like the Game Boy Advance, that you can’t even understand enough to advance to the next level. I used to have Bratz: Rock Angelz for GBA and couldn’t finish most of the mini games because, although intended to be easy, they were extremely difficult for me to figure out.

It is OK to leave games unfinished if you plan on going back to beat it. Right when I got Pokémon Moon I was super thrilled, playing it every second I could, but one day I just stopped. It wasn’t until about after three months of having it that I actually beat it. There are many games that take too much to beat, so it’s OK to break up play time into intervals. I also understand going back to beat a game or taking your time so you have the utmost experience playing through it. I’ve had times I’ve taken longer on a game so the fun doesn’t end too soon.

It is OK to leave a game unfinished if it is causing you to rage quit. There’s no point in playing a game that is going to make you unhappy, unless it’s a love-hate relationship. Whenever you get mad, that’s fine, as long as you don’t attempt to break the game disc or cartridge.

It is OK to procrastinate with video games because I do constantly, and I am still a hardcore gamer as ever. Game on, even if you don’t finish gaming on.

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