The other day I was playing Pokémon Moon, and I was in the Festival Plaza. Out of pure boredom, I logged onto the Global Trade System and started looking up older generation legendaries. The abundance of legendaries could not have been fathomed. But there was an occurring, weird instance: shiny legendaries that were posted multiple times by the same player.

Reading this, you might think, “So?”

Well, a shiny legendary is pretty much nonexistent, next to people putting more than one Pokémon up on the GTS at one time. It works as shown: you seek out a Pokémon and give whatever is needed for the trade, or you put up a Pokémon and request another.

I wasn’t thinking clearly so at first glance I said, “Wow, I need to go catch what they want so I can get my hands on that shiny Kyogre.” It wasn’t that simple. They wanted a Ditto, which is found in one area with a five percent catch rate. I tried to catch one for about an hour, but no luck. So I put Gyarados up for trade, in hopes of getting a Ditto in return. The next day, I logged back onto the GTS and received a Ditto. Immediately, I returned to the page of the Kyogre and tried trading it... but they wanted a male Ditto. Please note: Dittos do not have any gender.

Fed up, I researched the issue and multiple people have encountered this same problem: trolls. We just can’t stop them. So what did Nintendo do about this? They banned Ditto, apparently, but guess what? It doesn’t stop at Ditto.

Continue on, trolls, you’ve won.