ESO and World of Warcraft: Which One Should You Choose as a First Time Player?

For many years now, there have been discussions about which massively multiplayer online role-playing game is better: Elder Scrolls Online or World of Warcraft. Each game has its fans who insist on their choice, but some newcomers find it difficult to decide on the choice of game. Let’s take a closer look at Elder Scrolls Online or World of Warcraft to help future players decide.

WoW was released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment for Windows and macOS platforms. The game has its own Warcraft universe, in which the action takes place.

Warcraft is considered the most popular and famous game. Familiar heroes and expanses of Azeroth do not leave fans indifferent. The emphasis is on both PvE content and PvP. Strong monsters live in dungeons, and raids are collected for the most difficult battles. The confrontation between live players is conducted both in the open world and in special territories for this – arenas and “battlegrounds” (BG).

For more than 15 years of existence, the game has acquired various mini-games. World of Warcraft has been a benchmark and example for many representatives of the genre for many years.

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The game has its pros and cons. Raids for 10 and 25 people are the main advantage of WoW. Players form groups and fight epic bosses. For a hardcore audience, such complex modes are presented that the slightest mistake will cost the life of the entire team. Killing a difficult boss first on a server or in the world is almost always a great honor and glory. Local raids are characterized by a high pace of combat, non-linearity, and reaction requirements.

Those who are not interested in raids enjoy other advantages of the project – they study lore, fight in pet battles, participate in rating PvP battles, complete tasks, and collect mounts. The overall impression is completed by the traditionally high-quality work on localization into Russian.

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The main disadvantage of this game can be called outdated graphics, especially in old locations. But many players like such graphics.

ESO was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks in 2014 for Windows, macOS, and later for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game is part of a series of four games united by one fantasy universe.

The game takes place before Skyrim, Morrowind, and Oblivion. The action is based on three opposing alliances, each of which unites three different races. The project was created for fans of the TES universe, with many gameplay features of the series. In a nutshell, this is almost the same as Skyrim, but with popular elements of the multiplayer genre.

Of the advantages of the game, we can name the following: all quests are sounded and worked out with high quality. The same goes for NPCs, books, and anything related to lore. Crafting is an important part of the game, which greatly helps in character development.

A significant drawback was the animation in the early years of the project. Another stumbling block was the combat system. The rotation of skills is tied to the same principle – we support buffs and debuffs, and only then do we use everything else. As a result, we have a thoughtless ability to spam.

A significant role here was played by a skill system similar to what is in Skyrim. When in a single-player game a character develops most of the skills regardless of the class – it’s great, but in the MMO from ZeniMax Online, it killed the uniqueness of the classes. For fans of crafting and collectors, you need a subscription that allows you to stack materials without clogging the main inventory – it’s simply inconvenient to play without it.

Now that you have a general idea of each game, and its pros and cons, we can jump right into the determining factors when choosing a game.

The Gameplay.

Gameplay is extremely important when choosing a game, we can say this is a decisive factor. You will only be able to enjoy the game if you fully adapt to the gameplay.

From ESO’s point of view, it offers a more realistic approach in terms of looks and graphics. It also has an efficient user interface that allows you to navigate the vast world, provides extensive zone information, and more. As for the missions themselves, expect great voice acting, exciting combat, and the ability to decide the fate of NPCs in certain situations.

WoW has less realistic graphics, you can say “cartoonish”. WoW gameplay can be repetitive in terms of the progress you make or the impact you have on the story, for that matter. When players want to make their gameplay easier, they wow boosting and enjoy the game’s story.


Of course, if we talk about the plot, then the undoubted leader here will be World of Warcraft. The game has an interesting plot, which is why many players choose it. WoW surpasses ESO and many other MMORPGs only because of the many forms of media in which they can portray their storytelling. Horde vs Alliance Story will stay with you for a long time, and while ESO offers the typical Good vs Evil storyline we’ve come to expect from many games, it doesn’t do much to create the world it inhabits, how WoW does it.

Therefore, many players who want to enjoy the WoW storyline prefer wow boosting, saving their time.

Solo Experience.

In ESO, you can easily play alone without facing too many challenges.

This does not mean that World of Warcraft strictly forbids single-player play. WoW does have a lot to offer you in terms of a solo experience, but it also contains content that will require you to team up with others to get past certain parts of the game, such as certain quests or reducing the time it takes to complete. Not to mention, some of the best content in WoW involves working with or against other players. However, wow services solve these problems, and professional boosters will help you with any of your obstacles. With professional boosters, you can also trade WoW gold at a bargain price. And you can find these in Leprestore. Leprestore – among the players is considered fast and affordable wow services.

Their Communities.

The World of Warcraft community is larger and more fun. Many adults return to the game for nostalgic purposes, but there are a surprising number of younger players. Because of this, there is more emphasis on entertainment and activities that are most interesting, rather than striving for the top, maximizing profits, or siphoning off more and more power. Therefore, many players use carry wow services to buy WoW gold to buy unique abilities in the game that make the game even more interesting.

The ESO community is smaller but more serious and mature. If you’re looking for a laid-back gamer looking to have some fun, then Classic might be the best game to play. But if you want to play with people who take the game more seriously, then ESO is for you.


Of course, choosing which game is better than another is entirely subjective. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want to achieve when comparing ESO to WoW. If you’re looking for a game where years have been spent creating a compelling story, then World of Warcraft is a great choice. ESO, meanwhile, offers a more accessible, mature, and visually realistic approach compared to its counterpart. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a fantastic multiplayer experience to dive into, and try playing both if you can. Since both games offer fantastic multiplayer experiences, there’s no reason not to try both if you get the chance.


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