Etrian Odyssey X Coming to 3DS in Japan August 2

The next entry in the hit dungeon-crawler RPG Etrian Odyssey was announced by developer Atlus. Called Etrian Odyssey X (pronounced Cross), this will be the final entry in the series to release on the Nintendo 3DS, which will be available in Japan on Aug. 2.

The developer considers this entry to be a “culmination” of all the other games, put into one. Fans of the series can expect many aspects from old games incorporated into this one, such as subclasses and a variety of burst actions. And of course, it wouldn’t be an Etrian game without map making.

New additions include the Hero class, and the game will have 19 total classes available. The setting this time around, according to Gematsu, is Lemuria, “a land isolated from other continents.” However, “a sea of trees familiar to adventures of previous Etrian Odyssey games is spread around the Yggdrasil Tree at its center.”

For the first time, the game will have a world map. It will also be the largest game in the series. Gematsu reports Etrian Odyssey X will include Force Boost and Force Break systems to “bring out the strong points of the main class.”

There is no word yet on whether the game will release in the West, but it is a safe bet considering all titles in the main series have released in North America.

The official Japanese website can be found here, and be sure to watch the trailer below:

For more on the Etrian Odyssey series, check out our initial impressions of the fifth installment.

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