Fallout 4 officially announced, first trailer is here

It is official Fallout 4 is happening, the countdown website has hit zero and our first look at the upcoming game released. The trailer for the game shows off various places in the game world, and it could potentially be in engine. But even more exciting the game has a dog, yes you read right a dog it is literally the most exciting thing I have ever written, but lets not draw this out you can watch the trailer for the game below:


Prior to the countdowns conclusion earlier today Fallout 4’s website went up briefly, during this time some of the big details about Fallout 4 were revealed. Among these details we got confirmation on the games setting which places us in Boston or at least partially. We also know the game is coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, and the game will feature many of the staple elements of the Fallout franchise.

So are you excited finally Fallout 4 has been revealed, and I expect we will hear about this game at E3, as with other major franchises “all aboard the hype train express”.

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