Famitsu reveals new details on enemy Mirages for Genei Ibun Roku #FE

The latest issue of Japanese Publication Famitsu shares new information about Genei Ibun Roku #FE. Within the latest information is details on enemy mirages which you can find below:

– Heroes from the Fire Emblem series will also be present as enemy Mirages invading Japan
– Abel is Cain’s rival and close friend
– Due to a curse of some kind, he holds fierce jealousy toward his partner Cain
– Having become a dark knight, he stands before the party
– Lon’qu remains cool and stoic despite his turn to the dark side
– For some reason, he wanders endlessly through the deepness of the Idolosphere
– Aversa from Fire Emblem Awakening is reimagined in a big way from a visual perspective
– She has a cold, ruthless personality
– She strikes at the weakness in Tsubasa’s older sister’s heart
– Aversa enjoys controlling her
– It seems she knows something about the truth behind the enemy’s motivations
– Gangrel has a giant upper body that takes up most of the screen
– Despite his size, he specializes in controlling the desires of humanity, and making them run wild
– Garrick appears before the main character just after he becomes a Mirage Master
– He’s wild and destructive, and is proud of his immense power
– Garrick has a giant axe-like weapon
– Excellus looks at humans as pawns in her messed up game
– She’ll do anything to accomplish her goals
– She’s a total coward
– Attracted to Tsubasa’s qualities

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