Famitsu shares new details on Splatoon’s Hero Mode

The latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu features a series of brand new details for Splatoon. In this issue the writers have elaborated further on the games single player mode also known as Hero Mode. All the latest details have been shared below which features a fair portion of interesting details raising the excitement level for this game:

General Hero Mode details

– The goal is to retrieve energy sources which were stolen by octopuses
– There is exclusive equipment to use in Hero Mode
– Commander Atarime will aid the player with hints when facing the Octarian Army

Enemies in Hero Mode

– The number of tentacles of an enemy implies its strength
– Octolings attack in groups
– It is implied they will have rollers in addition to usual guns
– Octopus diver can dive into ink
– Octocopter floats midair so it is harder to hit
– Octopus ball has one eye and spreads ink by rolling around
– Octopus robot is a walking missile
– If it detects the player, it will rush towards him/her and will scatter ink upon explosion

Hub area

– There is a starting area from which you enter Hero Mode stages
– Commander Atarime lives there
– You enter every stage from a kettle
– The scenery is reminiscent of modern day as there are telephone poles
– A huge octopus looking building can be seen inside


– Jump point: you can perform super jump to change places quickly
– Propeller lift: shoot the fan to move the lift
– Ink rail: you can reach places which would be unreachable in human form by turning into a squid

Yet another Splatoon article will be published in the March 19 issue of Famitsu. The magazine will talk about the different weapons and gear.

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