Fi from Skyward Sword has been announced as a new playable character in Hyrule Warriors

Although I never got around to reporting it Tecmo Koei said that a new character could be revealed for the new Hyrule Warriors any day now, and of course as expected the new character has been revealed through the latest issue of Famitsu which has revealed some new details on Hyrule Warriors and some new characters through a leak on the story.

One of the major new details is the reveal of a character that for the last few weeks I have been joking about being a character. I neve mentioned it in any of the news stories I have done but with my fellow Zelda fans I have been joking about the possibilities of Fi form Skyward Sword as a playable character. Of course I never thought it would possible for Fi to be a character because of the being she is, not to mention how Fi’s story ends in Skyward Sword. Of course I can now say one of my jokes is actually true and with the latest issue of Famitsu magazine it has been revealed that the Skyward Sword herself Fi is set to be a playable character. Other details have also been revealed outside of this including:

  • Link and Zelda will both be able to wear their Skyward Sword costumes
  • The Ball and Chain from Twilight Princess will be in-game
  • Ghirahim and the Imprisoned will also make an appearance in Hyrule Warriors

Little else is known outside of what’s available from the scan, but no doubt more information will be surface in the coming days.

Hyrule Warriors just gets and sound cooler and more interesting with every bit of news that comes to light, the character roster and the amusing choices have gotten me really excited for its release this September.

Source: Neogaf

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