Bayonetta will be on a seperate disc to Bayonetta 2

There have been a lot of questions presented lately as to how Bayonetta is going to be given to those who are going to purchase Bayonetta 2. We already knew that we were going to get the original game in some form but the distribution methods were yet to be revealed, now however we do know exactly how the game is going to be distributed.

When we purchase Bayonetta 2 we can now expect to be able to get a 2 disc set that will provide us with each Bayonetta game on individual discs. For those who go with the digital release however you will receive the first Bayonetta game as a digital release as well.

Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are going to be a great collection and will give us all the chance to play the original game. I also find it better that we will get a separate physical release and won’t just have to settle for a digital release.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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